Saturday, June 29, 2013
By PhotoBiz Blogger
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With so many blog platforms available, PhotoBiz set out to create a totally customizable blog solution that would take your business to the next level. We’ve built in all sorts of great features to enable you to fully customize your PhotoBiz Blog. For starters, there are multiple templates, each with multiple layouts to give you a high impact presentation. While most blogs allow you to upload your logo, PhotoBiz takes it one step further and gives you the ability to upload a custom background behind your logo for a unique branding experience.

Add to this the ability to customize the navigation menu, including selecting from a generous list of fonts and you can see just how many options you have. The most awesome custom control is PhotoBiz’s “Color Picker” system. Each and every element of the Blog can be set to the color you desire.

PhotoBiz’s Blogs have been built with social media as a main component of your experience. There is a huge bank of icons to choose from and we have made it incredibly easy to add and customize just about any widget. When you consider that the Blogs are built with enhanced HTML5, mobile ready and scalable to any internet device you can appreciate just how special PhotoBiz’s Blogs are.

Let’s not forget the fact that our Blogs come with full access to the famous PhotoBiz Passionate Support® team, available via phone, support ticket, or email! The support team is here to help!

Saturday, May 25, 2013
By PhotoBiz Blogger
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The PhotoBiz Blog offers MORE of everything you need to fully customize your website. We want you to put your best foot forward with your online presence and we give you plenty of opportunities to do so.

You can start building your Blog by uploading large banner images that set the tone of the page. Next, you can select from eight different page layouts to display your posts! As a photographer, displaying large, crisp images is absolutely essential.

As part of an integrated solution, your Blog can even help you with search engine optimization!

Saturday, April 13, 2013
By PhotoBiz Blogger
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You can be with PhotoBiz Blog! We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to create and manage all of your blog content. The easy to use text editor allows for all of the most common text functions, including font sizes, linking, tables, and more. What is a story without images? You can insert up to three different image sizes automatically, and include extras like alt-text, borders, and image padding.

In the control panel you can tag your posts by category and even schedule posts to be published in the future. If you’d like to save your work at any point, you even have the ability to save a post as a draft!

We want you to be safe and secure, so there are fantastic security features built into the comments. Built-in spam filters keep out annoying junk and optional moderation settings let you determine acceptable behavior. You can even track comments with our IP address tracking feature.

Our intuitive control panel makes it easy for you to create stunning posts on your Blog while feeling secure and in complete control.

Saturday, March 02, 2013
By PhotoBiz Blogger
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PhotoBiz's Blogs incorporate state-of-the-art features at the leading edge of current blog technology. Additional features that make the PhotoBiz Blog the best in the industry include customizable widgets, smart tagging, extensive site searching and the best search engine features and support in the industry.

Your Blog can become a search engine powerhouse. As you build your site we will build your meta data automatically, however you will still have full control to customize your meta data if you wish. A combination of enhanced HTML5 pages and user-friendly URLs result in an incredibly search-engine friendly Blog.

PhotoBiz Blogs are totally searchable. Readers can search the full text of your blog by typing a term in the search box built into your site. With our tagging technology, readers can click on a tag to see all posts tagged with that term. Add to this enhanced HTML5 - your Blog is ALWAYS accessible on ALL devices! You can even set up multiple landing pages for different blogs for different photo specialties if that’s what fits your business the best.

Finally, let's not forget the fact that the Blog comes with full access to the famous PhotoBiz Passionate Support® team, available via phone, support ticket, or email. Our support team’s expertise and helpfulness has set the bar high for the industry, and you get unlimited access to our top-tier support! The support team is here for you whenever you have a question!